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We focus above all on precision processing of stainless steel and other high-grade metal sheets into the form of ready. {rokbox  thumb=|images/stories/kovo1-tn.jpg| title=|Bending of metal parts|}images/stories/kovo1.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox  thumb=|images/stories/kovo2-tn.jpg| title=|Bending, welding and cleaning of metal part|}images/stories/kovo2.jpg{/rokbox}

We focus above all on precision processing of stainless steel and other high-grade metal sheets into the form of ready.

Of course we produce also parts from common steel sheets.

Assembly parts

{rokbox thumb=|images/n/024-tn.JPG| title=||}images/n/024.JPG{/rokbox}

Stainless boxes completed by Metal division

{rokbox thumb=|images/n/032-tn.JPG| title=||}images/n/032.JPG{/rokbox}

Metal mounting kits

The emphasis on quality is in accordance with the quality system based on EN ISO 9001:2000. Stainless steel or brass and other parts are produced for very demanding German customers! Special requirements for the processing and quality of the products are checked at every order. The price of products is calculated individually on the basis of demand. We will make you an offer in a very short time. We always intend to give the best possible prices for our customers and we are open to discussion.

We are flexible to fulfill the clients’ requirements as regards processing of metal sheets. In terms of serial production, we consider our equipment as the most suitable for smaller and medium series of tens to thousands of pieces. We try to focus the main part of production on smaller metal sheet constructions from stainless steel and other metal plates, but it is not a problem for us to process the usual steel construction materials. Range of products includes: Front panels and covers for various electronics Covers and parts of sanitary equipment Sheet metal housings, cabinets etc. up to complete housings for vending and other machines – see picture ROBOCopy. Covers and metal parts of machines and assembly lines Především nerezové komponenty technologických celků výrobních linek a staveb např. ekologického charakteru, pro chemické či potravinářské výroby apod. Interior elements and their parts (control panels, ligths, decoration elements) Other metal sheet parts according to the clients’ wishes {rokbox thumb=|images/Robocopy1-tn.jpg| title=||}images/Robocopy1.jpg{/rokbox}

Vending machine housing of Robocopy – construction

{rokbox thumb=|images/Robocopy2-tn.jpg| title=||}images/Robocopy2.jpg{/rokbox}

General view of the vending machine + Inside

{rokbox thumb=|images/Robocopy3-tn.jpg| title=||}images/Robocopy3.jpg{/rokbox}

Copy machine Robocopy in service

{rokbox thumb=|images/kovo_10-tn.jpg| title=||}images/kovo_10.jpg{/rokbox}

Perfect-processed metal cover

{rokbox thumb=|images/kovo_11-tn.jpg| title=||}images/kovo_11.jpg{/rokbox}

Detail of the metal cover

{rokbox thumb=|images/kovo_12-tn.jpg| title=||}images/kovo_12.jpg{/rokbox}

Other type of cover

{rokbox thumb=|images/kovo_21-tn.jpg| title=||}images/kovo_21.jpg{/rokbox}

Specialy designed cover – satin finished stainless steel

{rokbox thumb=|images/kovo_26-tn.jpg| title=||}images/kovo_26.jpg{/rokbox}

{rokbox thumb=|images/kovo_23-tn.jpg| title=||}images/kovo_23.jpg{/rokbox}

{rokbox thumb=|images/zvonek-komplet-tn.jpg| title=||}images/zvonek-komplet.jpg{/rokbox}

Box for a house bell

{rokbox thumb=|images/n/043-tn.JPG| title=||}images/n/043.JPG{/rokbox}

Example of segmental bend

{rokbox thumb=|images/profily-tn.jpg| title=||}images/profily.jpg{/rokbox}

Bended roof trusses 3000 mm long

{rokbox thumb=|images/n/013-tn.JPG| title=||}images/n/013.JPG{/rokbox}

Aluminium electrical box

{rokbox thumb=|images/n/017-tn.JPG| title=||}images/n/017.JPG{/rokbox}

Metal frame

{rokbox thumb=|images/n/018-tn.JPG| title=||}images/n/018.JPG{/rokbox}

Detail of frame

{rokbox thumb=|images/krabicka-tn.jpg| title=||}images/krabicka.jpg{/rokbox}

Detail of the processing

{rokbox thumb=|images/DSC00001-tn.jpg| title=||}images/DSC00001.jpg{/rokbox}

Special manipulation cart

{rokbox thumb=|images/bracket-tn.jpg| title=||}images/bracket.jpg{/rokbox}

Special construction element

{rokbox thumb=|images/kovo_24-tn.jpg| title=||}images/kovo_24.jpg{/rokbox}

Sheet metal fixation element

{rokbox thumb=|images/kovo_25-tn.jpg| title=||}images/kovo_25.jpg{/rokbox}

Example of sheet metal rollbending

{rokbox thumb=|images/kovo_30-tn.jpg| title=||}images/kovo_30.jpg{/rokbox}

Sheet metal box with black painting

{rokbox thumb=|images/n/028-tn.JPG| title=||}images/n/028.JPG{/rokbox}

Aluminium metal sheet parts

{rokbox thumb=|images/n/029-tn.JPG| title=||}images/n/029.JPG{/rokbox}

Parts from mild steel

{rokbox thumb=|images/n/042-tn.JPG| title=||}images/n/042.JPG{/rokbox}

Logo from dull and chrome stainless

The set of technological operations is arranged in such a ways so that it allows the complex production of metal sheet parts.

Laser cutting => Folding + Rollbending (or Pressing) => welding => surface processing => complementary operations

Laser cutting Detailed information see LASER

Processing of laser-cut parts On the deburring machine RWT we perform on demand processing of laser-cut parts:

Deburring, abrading of scales or coarse impurities by 2-stage belt sander Edging up to moderate rounding-off of edges using rotating grinding units Regrinding of the whole part surface using grinder to achieve appearance surface

{rokbox thumb=|images/odjehleni1-tn.jpg| title=||}images/odjehleni1.jpg{/rokbox}

View of the grinding unit of the deburring machine

{rokbox thumb=|images/odjehleni4-tn.jpg| title=||}images/odjehleni4.jpg{/rokbox}

Laser-cut part before and after grinding

Bending It is done on a new break press of the Holland company DARLEY and it has these parameters:

For laser cutting the quality of the cut in various setups of the parameters for cutting cannot be changed. It is always necessary to set the optimum parameters for cutting in order to achieve the optimum quality of the cut. Again, this depends on the thickness of the material. In general it can be said that a cut up to a thickness of 5-8 mm is smooth, even and without scale, while with increasing thickness characteristic laser grooving appears, as well as minor scaling and weld-on spots on the bottom side. At the upper border of the thickness the grooving is quite distinct and negative features can also be quite substantial on the bottom side (again it depends on the amount of heat introduced). Thanks to the new deburring machine and high cutting quality of the modern laser machines we produce besides the standard cut-only parts also part perfectly deburred and cleaned according to customer´s demand.

{rokbox thumb=|images/odjehlovaci_stroj-tn.jpg| title=||}images/odjehlovaci_stroj.jpg{/rokbox}

Deburring machine

{rokbox thumb=|images/odjehleni_dilu-tn.jpg| title=||}images/odjehleni_dilu.jpg{/rokbox}

Example of a perfectly deburred and grinded copper part

{rokbox thumb=|images/DSC00059-tn.jpg| title=||}images/dsc00059.jpg{/rokbox}

The quality of the laser cut for stainless steel at a thickness of 2 to 15mm

{rokbox thumb=|images/DSC00071-tn.jpg| title=||}images/dsc00071.jpg{/rokbox}

The quality of the laser cut for structural steel at a thickness of 3 to 15 mm

For stainless steel it is possible to use, in the place of nitrogen (which gives a shiny quality cut), oxygen as an auxiliary gas, which brings relatively significant cost savings of about 20%. The quality of the cut, however, is much worse, the cut is black, oxidized and coarse.

{rokbox thumb=|images/DSC00045-tn.jpg| title=||}images/dsc00045.jpg{/rokbox}

A comparison of the quality of the laser cut when using oxygen and nitrogen (upper sample)


The cost of cutting depends on:

Type and thickness of the material Complexity of the cut form, amount of burn off and opening Batch orders, total volume of long-term cooperation Operational demands Requests for cleaning, packaging, etc.

In view of the large amount of factors affecting forming costs, it is not possible to provide an objective "price list, informative….." prices for a cut of 1 m, etc. We will quickly prepare an exact offer for you based on your inquiry. The inquiry should include: The forms of the pieces (including any specifications about what should and should not be cut - for example, in case of exact openings, modifying diameters for threads, extras for cutting, etc.), including requested tolerances (mainly if the laser possibilities of +/- 0.1-0.2 mm approach) for bent components, which is advantageous for adding shapes - for the form of the order see Forms and Geometry of the Cut The expected amount of parts - for long-term volumes, it's good to fix a minimum amount for individual orders The exact specification of grade and thickness of the material and information about the request for the order, including or without material Any additional requirements for treatment, packaging, producing test samples, etc. Any additional requirements for treatment, packaging, producing test samples, etc. Required term for manufacturing orders or jobs - especially express ones Contact for the inquiry - as much as possible, including a concrete name

Of course, we're happy to work on even incomplete orders, but processing the offer takes longer and leads to possible distortions. In any case we always try to offer very agreeable prices and we are ready to negotiate about pricing, delivery and payment conditions.


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Water jet cutting

High-pressure water jet s a modern precise technology for cutting most flat materials (metals, plastics, rubber, glass, stone, ceramics...) up to a thickness of approx. 100 - 200 mm by cold cut. Water jet cuts to wood
Water jet cuts to aluminium

Laser cutting

Laser is a modern precise technology for cutting mainly structural-, stainless- and other types of steel and also other suitable metals up to a thickness of approx. 15-25mm.
Cog wheels cutted by laser Stainless stell th. 5mm

Metal processing

We focus above all on precision processing of stainless steel and other high-grade metal sheets into the form of ready. Bending of metal parts
Bending, welding and cleaning of metal part

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